Three Books on Personal Finance and Wealth

Three Books on Personal Finance and Wealth

Wealthy people in different societies throughout the world know how to become wealthy. Most of them are successful in their lives and are extremely generous in sharing of their success. It is an ideology that is shared by most of these people that the wealth is the indicator of a person’s ability to live comfortably and better the society. Wealth is seen as a symbol of success and an indication of social status. Hence, most wealthy people around the world are extremely ambitious in spreading their wealth.

New Delhi: Becoming wealthy in this modern era is one of the common goals of all the people from different strata of the society and making them successful in life. The successful people always have some unique characteristics with which they remain successful and their wealth is a proof of their capabilities. These wealthy people also have a distinct idea about wealth and what it means to them. They are focused on financial goals and spend accordingly despite the obstacles that come in the way.

New Delhi: Many people have realized the significance of wealth in their lives and they spend accordingly. There are some unique features that distinguish the wealthy people from the ones who are not. There are certain basic principles like commitment to spend by maintaining a tight control over their personal finance and sticking to their fixed income budget. Personal-Finance Habits of Wealthy Entrepreneurs is the first book that explains the principles of wealth and financial habits. This book provides tips and suggestions on how to get rid of debt, invest in stocks and mutual funds, save for retirement, spend wisely, and much more. This book is available in English and Hindi languages.

The second book “The Wealthy Entrepreneur” by Sami S. Noumani, a serial entrepreneur and author explains the various concepts of personal finance habits and their importance in an entrepreneur’s life. The author teaches new and existing entrepreneurs on how to manage their finances and achieve their wealth targets. It also describes ways to create wealth through business, teaching the readers how to set up an organization that will be financially sound.

The third book, which is popularly known as “The Visionnaire: How Everybody Can Create Wealth” by Michael Gerber talks about creating wealth goals and practices. The book shows how everyone can become wealthy if he or she applies the wealth goals listed in the book. This book provides tips for building a plan and achieving wealth goals. The wealth goals are listed under realistic categories such as education, lifestyle, creativity, travel and retirement.

Personal-Finance Habits of Wealthy Entrepreneurs and The Visionnaire: How Everybody Can Create Wealth discusses different techniques on how people can achieve their wealth goals. Personal Finance Habits of Wealthy Entrepreneurs is ideal for those who want to become rich by creating wealth in their lifetime but don’t have the right attitude and skills to do so. Many of these techniques are applicable even for today’s generation, but may not always work for today’s market conditions. These guides help individuals develop new spending habits, change old spending habits, and learn more about saving money, making investments, and increasing income.

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